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Peter Siino and his family moved from Brooklyn, NY to Southern New Jersey at the time of his retirement from the truck driving business in 1969.  He bought the building on Route 9 in West Creek and with the help of his two sons, Matt and Mark, and his wife, Lillian, he took on the Mercury franchise and began to make his dreams of being a successful marine business owner come true. 

With the help of his family, Pete was able to build up West Creek Outboard and its Mercury franchise and expand to the point of putting an addition on the original building, which is now known as "the showroom".  Matt began to work with his father, full-time, straight out of high school and was able to grow with the business, as the business itself grew.  Soon enough, in 1984, Matt bought West Creek Outboard from his father and began to serve as the sole proprietor of the business, with his father alongside to help of course.

The time came, of course, for the need for more space, more expansion, more land.  Therefore, Matt bought the lot next to him on Route 9, which at the time, was occupied by a vacated house, and in time, demolished the house and expanded his business onto that property as well.  If West Creek Outboard was proving anything, it was that it was a booming, expanding business with positive growth through the years. 



At the present, we have the recent retirement of Peter and the addition of the rest of Matt's immediately family; wife, Holly, and daughters, Leigh Anne and Erin, into the business.  With the continued support of his family, Matt is still living the dream that his father once had of being a successful marine business owner in the area. 

West Creek Outboard is ever-continuing to grow, just as it has in the past, and Matt, his family, and the rest of his staff welcome the challenge of a growing business.



Last updated Feb 7 2007